About Us

Motto For the Machine, the work of the machine; For Human Beings, the thrill of future creations.

Hindustan Automation has been seeded by Hindustan Automation and Controls where a group of engineers are working with a mission to provide high tech automation system and are striving to deliver high quality product and utmost customer satisfaction within the frame of efficient economics. The Company itself was established in 2009 and within less than a decade, it has made its own niche in the field of Industrial Automation. It is the expertise and experience along with the wish to serve to the best paved the path to establish an institution of excellence in the field automation in name of Hindustan Automation in the earliest of the year 2011.


Hindustan Automation is the house of industrial automation training. The Institute is founded with a view that ‘Teaching and Learning with Technologies’ always serve as a backbone for the engineers in building their career in this competitive world, to fulfill its corporate motto “For Machine, the work of the Machine; For Human Beings, the thrill of Future Creations”. Under the lights of this vision, special emphasis is taken for practical oriented and professional training modules in diversified hardware and software that are used in industrial automation and its assurance to fill the vacuum between practical knowledge and Industrial demands. Further the programmes are designed to cater the need of college students as well as of engineers working in industries.


  • To bring about effective linkage between technical knowledge and practical exposure
  • To develop efficient engineers and technical managers for industries
  • To enhance professional skills of the jobbers
  • To foster interests in Industrial Automation with good PLC programming knowledge amongst the engineers pursuing their courses
  • To generate PLC & Industrial Automation training service for educated trained engineers and also assist them in completing their projects
  • To encourage innovation and excellence among trainee by providing needed opportunity
  • To induce self confidence and self esteem of the trainees

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